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Under the project: Reinforce and Change (December 19, 2014)

The year 2008 – the first doubt and the first confirmation… 2010 – the second doubt and second confirmation… Autism!

The overall statistics – 1% of population – cams to 100% in case of my family.

Next was shock, rejection, fear, confession… and searching the way out at any stage.

On this route I was meeting parents, families with similar problems and people working on the subject. Many of them now are my friends and they are very valuable for me.

Autism center “Portage” (now part of Child Development Institute), kindergarten, school, speech therapy. Intensive schedule… not to be late… not to miss something… to obtain some funding…

Leaving the job and farewell with colleagues, terminated residency…

What the state was doing at this time?! Was slumbered, hided behind 70-100 Lari, does not noticing us…

Gentlemen! If you do not want to see us, we cannot disappear, we are existing! At first stage please provide funding for ABA therapy, you must!

Khato Khavtasi

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